First thoughts.

It’s been a long time since I managed to take my camera out to capture the beautiful wilderness. The thought of crossing the plains and soaking in the fresh air and colours of nature, I couldn’t help but post some of my more memorable shots.

Shot of the forest
Shot of the forest

Being a full-time student, I managed to find a hobby that I truly enjoy — and that is film photography. Yes, photography, something that many people have the ability to do with newly released phones. However, film photography is special, in that it is a niche that is a very small community, but is something that many have forgotten about. By actually exposing light onto a film that is then rendered through the use of chemicals, the angst of waiting to see how a picture develops is a wonderful feeling. At times, whenever I manage to pick up a friend’s digital camera, I am dumbfounded by how much immediate feedback is provided for the user. Although the shots are incredibly sharp and can be produced repeatedly, there is little charm; of course, digital photography has its pros and cons, and while some people choose to pursue digital photography (to hone one’s skill or not), I believe that good shots come naturally and unexpectedly. People forget to take time when they take pictures, and like art, rarely is anything rushed ever produced great. Which is why, perhaps, even longterm photographer revert back to their film days as they rekindled their interest for it.

My brother taking in the view
My brother taking in the view

The way the colours stand out and just seem so real always intrigues me, and as a rather artistic thinker, this feeds my palette — and boy, do I love it. As a hobby, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing something come out better than it is supposed to. Despite the fact that I have never taken any real classes that could push my skills forward, I find that like in many things, sometimes, it isn’t necessary.

Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park

Photography is wonderful, and is an art that has become less and less appreciated. We as consumers have come to utilize such modern, up-to-date technology, that even with our phones, one can be an amateur “photographer”. I sincerely hope to meet more and more people whom share my passion for film photography.



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