The weary has been rather dreary this past month or so, and the frightening cold continuously brings a jolt throughout my body, as I embrace the outside world. Having been a recluse for the past while, doing the occasional work every now and then, I went around taking some photos to document that I was indeed doing something with my time.

The feeling of taking cold air as it goes through my lungs and reflects off my face, brings about a sensation that is rather strange. I guess you could say that it, literally, wakes me up!


It is always a joy being able to finally see some photos that I have taken, regardless of how deliciously colourful (or colourless) they are. Taking the occasional hike and walk around has done me good, as it is a breather from being inside far too long. Honestly, I feel rather guilty these days, knowing that a lot of people are travelling, working, doing internships, meeting friends whereas I am lingering at home and studying my screen. It’s rather pathetic, but what can I say — who doesn’t love grabbing warm tea in the morning, the aroma of peppermint to clear your sinuses, and bring livelihood to your mood.


All in all, my experience with using this Agfa 200 film has been rather successful. Neither amazing or poor in quality, but instead, just right. I found that at night time it really starts to suffer, as the reds start to become emphasized and really make the photos unnatural. There are times though when that “redness” has its appeals, I suppose.

Overall, it’s been a month, and nothing much has changed. Hope everyone has been having a great break thus far, and will write again shortly.


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