A while back,

As I was on my way home after a long and tiresome day, rain had started to drizzle down onto the concrete pavement. Having been born and raised in Vancouver, BC, I couldn’t help but be absorbed by the atmosphere and just the way the sound of the rain resonated through my ears. Drip, drip, drip…oh… the sound of it just brings joy to my life. Familiar to many, I am incredibly fond of the smell of rain, and how it changes depending on the setting at which you’re at. However, this is not the focal point of this blog post. Instead, I would like to cover a topic that rain simply reminded me of, which would be a personal favourite of mine — fragrances!

About a week ago, I had recently purchased a new fragrance to start off the new year with a new scent, and to also celebrate my birthday.

Signature Jo Malone packaging

Jo Malone, an English and UK-based boutique store has been rising since the years, as a very popular and trendy place to purchase fragrances of all sorts. They are typically known for their candle fragrances as well as their room diffusers, and so forth. I went ahead and purchased a 100ml fragrance of theirs called the “Wood Sage & Sea Salt” Cologne, which is actually a unisex fragrance. Having succumbed to temptations of what all the hype was, and whether if Jo Malone fragrances would perform (there are a lot of backlashes as to the longevity), I was pleasantly surprised! First off, you are greeted with wonderful packaging done by Jo Malone employees whenever you make a purchase from any of their boutique stores. They prepare your purchases all in separate boxes, and although there isn’t a picture to show it, they also provide black wrapping paper inside that is sprayed with wonderful perfume.

You are greeted with a wonderful separate package with a black bow.

Secondly, the bow they provide with all the individual packages makes the experience much more lovely. Unfortunately, the lighting fails to really how incredible the designs look and feel. Lastly, you finally open the box to only see a wonderful plethora of goods, such as a card showing that you have purchased a certified Jo Malone product, and wrapped it in a way that it glimmers under the light.

The reason I had mentioned the rain earlier, is because this fragrance is one that reminds me of living near the oceanside. Very non-intrusive fragrance that smells fresh and yet slightly musky. As opposed to the typical sea salt scent, it is almost a different variation of it — It’s almost as if you’re smelling a different form of salt! Also, the woodiness is incredible, as it brings this vibrance of walking through a forest trail and experiencing the morning dew. I, like many others however, have experienced some longevity issues. In order to battle this, I did opt for the 100ml version so that I could spray more; this did help to alleviate the issue, and I also found that spraying onto clothes helps a lot as well.

They also provided a sample of “Lime, Basil, and Mandarin” which is a wonderful citrus fragrances.

I am incredibly satisfied by how incredible the fragrance is. Not only is it very simple and very unique compared to a lot of other designer fragrances, but it’s something I feel I can wear just for the sake of wearing it! More often than not, I am usually conflicted as to which scents are “appropriate” at a certain moment in time. However, the Jo Malone line all comes with a hefty price, starting as low as 60$ USD (30ml), and rises to as much as 110 USD. If you’re looking to purchase a unique and wonderful line of fragrances, go to a local boutique store if you can, and explore the products that they have to offer. The price tags are staggering, but as long as you it is within your budget, and you enjoy owning luxury lines, I encourage you to try it them out.

100ml bottle of “Wood Sage & Sea Salt” 

I am done with fragrances for now, but I will certainly be keeping an eye on Jo Malone from here on out.



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