Mid-June Days

It’s been over a year since I updated anything on my WordPress and it is very much on purpose. The truth is, having been occupied with my student life and the constant liveliness that surrounds me. Seoul never dies down, and people constantly seem to always be on the move, regardless what time of the day it is. The blinking lights, the cars honking, the rusty car brakes screeching through the air, the shouting elderly — my senses have been dying, and I need some peace.

A while back, I went to a rather remote area free from all the noises of the big city. Not only has the weather been highly receptive, the yellow dust that plagued both April and May, is slowly subsiding away.


Being able to see the colour blue and other palettes really helped to calm down my senses and get away from all the stresses of the industrial world. Many people enjoy nature for what it is, but I grew around nature, molding the person I am today. The tranquility of hearing natural sounds around you, how the wind brushes against the trees, the sound of the waves reaching the beach, the sound of bushes rattling against each other — these are things you cannot experience here; granted, there are many beautiful places in Korea, it is simply not within my reach.

Seoul is a beautiful place but we all need our downtime, some way or another.



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